How to practice hybrid language teaching?

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How to practice hybrid language teaching?

At the beginning of this year, the Minister of Education has spoken out several times about keeping our schools open.
The organization of the courses has become more complex as the crisis has progressed. Some institutions maintain hybrid teaching while others are completely face-to-face. In an uncertain context and an accelerated digitalization of pedagogy, how can we practice hybrid language teaching when we are in class or at a distance?

Some countries have decided to close their facilities: United Kingdom, Ireland, Germany, Poland, Sweden, Italy, Denmark, Netherlands, Greece, Austria. Others have maintained the start of the school year to follow the school calendar: Spain, Switzerland and France. Portugalannounced last week that its schools would be closed for 15 days. Today, it is difficult to foresee the next stepsto put in place to ensure pedagogical continuity when in the classroom or at a distance. It is high time to find effective solutions for hybrid language teaching.

LaboPractice: an answer to language teaching in all circumstances

Thanks to LaboPractice, teachers can take advantage of all the features of the digital language lab wherever they are. Now they can prepare exercise sessions from any computer. Whether you are teaching languages in the classroom, in a hybrid environment or remotely, LaboPractice can meet all your needs.

Effective classroom teaching

With LaboPractice Classroomyou have access to the digital language lab in the computer room. Your students are connected to the tool and you can interact with them, follow their progress and control their screen.

Easy-to-implement hybrid teaching

By combining LaboPractice Homeand Classroom, the teacher creates his exercises from home and then imports them into the language lab of his school. They can also retrieve their students’ answers from a classroom session and correct them from home. The possibilities of use become multiple and offer more latitude.

Distance learning accessible to all

It is no longer necessary to be on the school premises to give instructions to a whole class or a group of students. Once the student has completed the exercises, the teacher receives their answers and can correct them from wherever they wish.

To make the tool accessible to all students, LaboPractice launches the Player on the web: they can now log in to the exercises from their PC/Mac, tablet or smartphone.

Ensure the educational continuity of your students through hybrid teaching

First of all, you are the guarantor of the level of your students

You have control over your teaching method and you can customize it according to the level of your class. To do this, you have access to various media: audio, video, text or images to keep their attention and motivation. You get them more involved!

Then you keep in touch with them

When you are in a classroom, you can interact with an individual student or an entire class. At home, you can launch a session from your home in a few clicks. Students can practice their writing and speaking skills from home. You can also combine LaboPractice Home with a videoconferencing tool (Zoom, Skype, Teams….) to talk to them.

Finally, you give them precise feedback on their answers (often expected by the students!)

In all situations, you mark and comment on each answer to help the student improve. You have access to all of his entries to observe his progress and the evolution of his skills.

LaboPractice, how to use it in the classroom, at home, or both?

As you can see, LaboPracticeLaboPractice Classroomis used in a classroom within a school when LaboPractice Homeis used through an internet connection at home for teachers and students.

By installing LaboPractice Classroomyou can import your sessions on yourteacher area and open them again on LaboPractice Homefor free to make your corrections from home.

However, if you have subscribed to the Homelicense, you will need the Classroom license to access the interaction features with your students.

In both cases, all your content is saved in your teacher space (on the cloud). This means you can access it anywhere, anytime.

In addition, by connecting to your spaceyou can download your content and import it into the software at home or in the classroom.
You also have access to additional resources such as video tutorials and online support.

A guarantee for you and your students

  • more mobility : flexibility: prepare your lessons in advance and mark them from wherever you wish
  • more motivation : they work at their own pace on a fun and ergonomic platform
  • more security : security: a backup of your work and the work of your students
  • spend more time with students and monitor the progress of their abilities.

Do you want to know more?

Do not hesitate to contact our team for a presentation of our offer by video or by telephone. You can now download the free version and test it yourself.