Access your educational content anywhere, anytime with LaboPractice

Espace cloud pour accéder aux contenus pédagogiques

Access your educational content anywhere, anytime with LaboPractice

When teaching languages, whether in the classroom or at a distance, ing focus on the interaction with your students is key. Hence the interest in choosing LaboPractice as a digital teaching support within your institution. The advantage of this digital solution is that you can create your exercises, conduct the session with your students and correct the entries. But can we do all this during school hours? Don’t worry, we’ve got it all worked out for you.

FFocus on oral expression in the classroom using digital materials that are prepared at home

LaboPractice is the ideal digital tool to teach languages in a fun way and above all to encourage learners to speak.

Initially, LaboPractice functioned as a real language laboratory on school’s computers. The teacher had to be in the computer room of the college or high school to prepare his exercises and pedagogical activities.
Once everything was ready, the session was held in presence of students,  during the language class.
Very often, he was forced to correct the exercises while staying at school, on the teacher’s workstation.
Like a digital language laboratory, LaboPractice Classroom had many advantages but also some disadvantages for the language teacher.

Subsequently, the LaboPractice team developed a software extension so that the teacher could prepare and correct language sessions from another computer station. It is for that reason that we developped  LaboPractice Home developed, so that the teacher could focus on educational activities of his students during school hours.

So, thanks to LaboPractice Home, the teacher has now access to many features of the language lab from his personal computer. The preparation of exercises can therefore be done from home, with video, audio, image, or text support. Marking of students can also be done from home.

It becomes easier to encourage students to speak during class and it is much faster to grade their papers.

A cloud space to "synchronize" your content in one click!

You don’t need a USB stick anymore, content is saved online!

We have created a free online space on

Thanks to the cloud, teachers no longer have to manually move their content from the school to home. They can at last “synchronise” their assignments before class and grade their papers from home in just one click.

By logging in to the software,  LaboPractice is able to connect with your online space, so that your account gets “synchronised”.

Now that the bridge is established between the software and the cloud, you can retrieve your previously backed up content to your personal computer:

  • exercises
  • teaching exercises shared by the LaboPractice teachers’ community
  • your teaching sessions (with or without your students’ answers)

Use the software to send your exercises and sessions in one click to your online space.

Finally, in addition to synchronisation, get access to tutorial videos, documentation, and online support. These are just some of the many resources to support your use of LaboPractice.

This synchronisation gives you more flexibility. You may access your material anywhere and at any time.

For a better pedagogical follow-up

Your cloud isn’t just an online storage space like Google Drive. It allows you to respond to the problems of teaching face-to-face, distance or hybrid teaching. It is used for pedagogical continuity and better monitoring of students.

Indeed, you have access to your students’ answers wherever you are. Take the time required to provide them with a detailed and feedback, and grades, by commenting on each of their answers. A summary document can be generated and sent to the student in one click.

Feedback to students – edited in the software – is stored in the cloud. This gives you a global backup that includes the exercise, the teaching session, the student’s oral or written participation and your assessment. As a result, LaboPractice centralizes your pedagogical contents and the follow-up of your class.

During your lesson, you can devote yourself fully to your students without having to worry about logistics. This will maximise their oral involvement and your interaction with them.

A warranty for both you and your students

Would you like to test LaboPractice?

Ask for for a video demo,  or by phone. Feel free to try our solution free of charge and with no obligation for 30 days.