A digital teaching tool

LaboPractice makes it easy to host language lab sessions with students in the computer room of your organization or from home. Students learn at their own pace, participating actively in engaging, fun practice exercises.

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Why teach with LaboPractice ?

Organize and host practice exercise sessions with your students

Create and share practice sessions with students in your organization's computer lab or at distance from your home.

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Create you own exercises using all of the media at your disposal

It only takes a few minutes to create a new exercise based around audio, video, text or images.

LaboPractice is designed to allow you to tailor your activities both to your students and your teaching material and methods.

Interact directly with pupils

(only available with the Classroom license) From your PC workstation give instructions to the whole class or talk with your students individually. You can also supervise them during their work. The students work in complete independence knowing all the while that at any time they can click to ask for help.
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Correct work wherever you are

Correct and comment on your students' answers live online during an open practice session (Classroom license). Corrections can also be done later from any networked computer in your organization or even from your home on your own personal computer.

Everything can be synchronized with one click in you user account area.

Individual student tracking

Open the individual exercise data about each student to track their progress throughout the activities.

Session history data is available at any time from any computer.

You also have the possibility of printing different types of report (session, class, student).

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LaboPractice communauté professeurs

An online teacher account

Synchronize your exercises, sessions and corrections with one click.

Download teaching material created by other teachers and share your own.

Access video tutorials and get help from technical support.

The educational advantages of LaboPractice

For teachers

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For students

LaboPractice outil pédagogique élève

For organizations

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SIMPLE : it takes just a few minutes to create an exercise.

FLEXIBLE : the creative possibilities allow you to adapt the exercises to your teaching method.

EVERYWHERE : complete access to all of the LaboPractice features, wherever you are.

COMMUNITY : download and share teaching content.

INDEPENDENCE : students work at their own pace.

CONFIDENCE : there is no inhibition linked to shyness, everyone can express themselves freely without the slightest pressure.

ENGAGING : learning methods are enjoyable and can address subjects that interest the students.

SELF-ASSESSMENT : students can listen to their recordings at any time and start over if they consider it necessary.

AFFORDABLE : the LaboPractice digital language lab suite offers an unbeatable number of features at low cost.

PERFORMANCE : save time and gain in effectiveness for your teachers and students alike.

INNOVATIVE : a modern, dynamic and engaging learning method.

COMPLETE : combining a Classroom license with a Home license provides a complete distance-learning solution guaranteeing educational continuity in all circumstances.