Licence Classroom Laboratoire de langues numérique

LaboPractice Classroom the language laboratory

Now, transform your institution's IT room into digital language lab. With the license Classroom, the digital language laboratory becomes fun and motivating to teach languages.

1 teacher workstation + unlimited student workstations

LaboPractice Classroom laboratoire de langues

Classroom License: the perfect digital solution

Make full use of the opportunities of your networked computer room to engage in fun educational activities with your students. Benefit from the host of interactive features offered by LaboPractice to support your students as much as possible in their learning.

licence classroom en classe laboratoire de langues

for teachers

INTERACTIVE : a dynamic interactive teaching tool offering individual and group student tracking.

for students

PARTICIPATION : individual speaking time during a teaching session is no longer shared. Every student has the whole session to practice and improve.

for organizations

SIMPLICITY : add language lab functionality to your computer room quickly and easily, without special training.

Classroom: lead a class session and correct it from home

classroom enseigner langues classe

Now the Classroom language lab offers the possibility to save your sessions online. Connect to your Online teacher space and retrieve the session on your personal computer. Now you can devote more time to your students.

De plus, votre espace professeur vous apporte des ressources supplémentaires : des tutoriaux et une assistance pour vous accompagner dans votre utilisation de LaboPractice Classroom.

Découvrez également LaboPractice Home pour travailler depuis chez vous !

Digital teaching available for anyone. Easy to use, affordable, this solution is for any user who wants to teach any level.