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Schools, colleges, high schools, universities, adult learning centers, companies: LaboPractice is a learning platform for all language courses..

This is one solution that will work for everyone, from the school teacher to the freelancer and the trainer for adults.

LaboPractice Classroomcan be installed in a classroom equipped with networked PCs.
LaboPractice Home can be installed directly on your personal PC. All you need is an internet connection to share your session with your students.

Watch the video  LaboPractice : the digital solution for teaching languages

LaboPractice was designed to be a language lab used only in classroom. From now on, you can either prepare content or correct educational sessions at home.
Thanks to theteacher spaceyou can save your content online and access it from wherever you want.
LaboPractice allows you you teach language courses at a distance or in a classroom, but also to provide hybrid and blended courses..

Your teacher area is a free online account. Also called “The Cloud,” this language learning solutions allows you to store your work outside of the language learning software. Because your educational content is online, you use it in the classroom or at your home or vice versa. It replaces a USB stick and allows you to access your data from wherever you are.
In your space, you have permanent access to:
– download links for the latest versions of the software
– documentation (installation and user manuals)
– tutorial videos
– technical assistance

You can also share or access the exercises of your colleagues in your school.

Access your educational content anywhere, anytime with LaboPractice

The price varies according to the formula chosen, the Classroom license, Home or both. Our offer ranges from 990 euros to 3,490 euros (excluding tax). The number of students per license is unlimited.
The price includes the provision of software, a space per teacher, support during software installation of the software, as well as a personalized follow-up for the use of LaboPractice within your school.

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In your teacher’s areayou have access to the list of your licenses and their expiry date.

You can find this information in the “Settings” of your software LaboPractice Home.


Because you create your own content, you can teach any language you want. To do this, simply select them in the software settings.

The software display is available in French, English, Spanish and Italian.

A session can contain as many exercises as you want. You can do several exercises one after the other. This is useful when your class has many different people in it: the students who are more advanced will finish all the exercises, while some will not go to the end.
To link the exercises, you just have to select them at the start of a new session among all those present in your exercise library.

LaboPractice allows you to create exercises from any multimedia file (audio, video, text, image, web).

  1. With an audio file, you can create an audio repetition exercise or an audio question/.
  2. With other file types (video, image, text) you can create exercises like Questions/Answers. You just have to get your files and integrate them in LaboPractice.

You can also obtain all these starting materials via the Internet.
Please note that it is the teacher’s responsibility to ensure that these files are free of rights.

See our tutorial videos on our YouTube channel

Whether in Classroomor in Homeit is possible to integrate a stopwatch into your session. When you create it, choose, in the advanced options, the“time available” to answer the questions.

The timer starts as soon as the student enters the session. If he/she has not finished in time, the answers already entered are automatically sent to the teacher.

When you create a new session, in the“Advanced options”, you can choose the date and time of the session closure whether it is held in the classroom or at a distance.

Students are informed of the time they have to send their answers. The session will automatically close at the desired time.


LaboPractice has been designed so that you can work on your exercises and correct your sessions without an internet connection.

With LaboPractice Classroomcomputers are connected to each other without the need for an internet connection.

LaboPractice Home works differently. The software is installed on your personal computer. In the software, click on “Work offline“.

You have access to the exercise library which allows you to consult your list of exercises and to create new ones.
In“My sessions“, you correct the answers of your students that you will have retrieved beforehand.

Thanks to LaboPractice Player. the student can join a remote session from a PC or Mac, a smartphone but also a tablet. All they have to do is click on the link in the invitation sent by the teacher. He enters the session code and accesses the questions.

He can also download the softwareand log in on his PC.

LaboPractice runs on all versions of Windows since XP.

With Classroom, it’s enough that your PCs are connected to the network properly. It is not necessary to use very powerful configurations. During the installation of the classroom, your technician will have to “open” certain “network ports” to allow the teacher and student stations to communicate with each other. Remember: you only need PCs connected to each other and each equipped with a headset and the software. No additional investment is required.

With Homeyou only need to have an internet connection on your personal PC.

We designed LaboPractice with this objective in mind: to empower people.  Our solution is usually installed without the help of Triotech technicians, the editor. You onley need to rely on the documentation for the installation and for the handling (Home version). Nevertheless, do not hesitate to ask …
– video assistance (TeamViewer)
– telephone assistance
– training for your teaching team


In order to protect the personal data, information entered in the Player (name, first name, date of birth) to access the session is only accessible in the teacher’s software.

A teacher can create an account for free in theTeacher’s area. This allows him/her to access the free services provided by LaboPractice (video tutorials, download area, assistance
A teacher can also be attached to a school with a LaboPractice license in order to benefit from the functionalities accompanying this service (exercise library, sharing of educational content, importing/exporting of exercise sessions, creating remote exercise sessions)

He can have a specific account on theSchool Spaceafter having acquired a license for the LaboPractice product.

We use your personal data only to provide the services that you request. Under no circumstances will your personal data collected on the LaboPractice site be given or sold to third parties or commercial partners for any purpose whatsoever.

> Protection of personal data and General Terms and Conditions of Use

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