LaboPractice Home

Get all the benefits of ditigal teaching in a fun distance learning environment.

The teacher and students use their personal home PCs to log in to the practice sessions.

Home Licence: all your teaching activities from your home PC

With the Home License, run your language lessons in a secure distance learning environment. Share sessions with your students (e-mails, digital workspace, etc …) and let them do their exercises from home.

for teachers

FREEDOM: share practice exercises at distance with your students and ensure that they can keep learning whatever the situation.

for students

ASYNCHRONOUS: once the session has been shared, the students can access it whenever they want, from any laptop or desktop PC with an internet connection. They work at their own speed and send their answers when they have finished.

for organizations

SIMPLIFY PLANNING: with a fully-featured distance learning solution, available at any time, that frees you from worries about classroom availability issues.