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Our digital solution to remote teaching languages 

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Equip your computer room to benefit from a complete digital language lab.

License - 1 year

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Combine LaboPractice Home + Classroom and ensure the educational continuity of the students.

License - 1 year
1 490€

Classroom +

Equip your computer room to benefit from a complete digital language lab.

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multi room

Choose LaboPractice to equip several computer rooms in your establishment.

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Listes des fonctionnalités pour les solutions en classe ou à distance

logiciel LaboPractice Home

LaboPractice Home

The software for remote teaching languages. Teachers can conduct home exercise sessions.

logiciel LaboPractice classroom

LaboPractice Classroom

LaboPractice Classroom, the license to teach languages within​​ your organization. Turn your computer room into a digital language lab.

Les professeurs ont choisi et sont pleinement satisfaits

Currently my classes are divided into several groups. The "Hybrid" formula allows me to work with all the students at the same time. Those who are in class and those who are at home.
professeur anglais labopractice
Recently all my lessons have to be done remotely. The Home solution completely meets my needs. I can provide my lessons from a distance and I promote the oral skills of my learners.
professeur langue classe
For 3 years our establishment has been using the language laboratory. My students love to participate in the video exercises. They are captivated and I have very good results.
professeur espagnol lab
made in france

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