Logiciel labopractice – laboratoire de langues numérique

The LaboPractice software suite for teaching
and learn languages ​​in all circumstances

The LaboPractice software is a suite of digital solutions that offers teachers the possibility of working with languages ​​in all circumstances. Face-to-face in a classroom or at home and remotely, choose the solution that meets your needs with ease.

logiciel LaboPractice classroom

LaboPractice Classroom

LaboPractice Classroom, the license to teach languages within​​ your organization. Turn your computer room into a digital language laboratory.

logiciel LaboPractice Home

LaboPractice Home

The software for teaching languages ​​at a distance. Teachers can conduct home exercise sessions.

logiciel LaboPractice Player

LaboPractice Player

The module that allows students to participate in language sessions remotely, from a personal computer.

Combine LaboPractice Classroom and Home software
and teach languages ​​in class or from distance

enseignement hybride classe et distance
logiciel laboratoire de langues

LaboPractice software is a digital teaching laboratory. A tool that opens up a multitude ofoportunidades educativas. This teaching solution can be installed in your school's computer room or on your personal computer. 

Now your students can participate in the exercises in class or from home. Facilitate or share your exercise sessions easily with the software LaboPractice Home. You can have it wherever you want. You thus benefit from all the functionalities of the digital teaching laboratory. 

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