"Ce qui me plait le plus ? Sa flexibilité. C'est une plateforme très ouverte.
Un conseil ? Juste de l'essayer. LaboPractice est très simple à utiliser."

professeur d'anglais

"Working this way is fun and easy"

"It's fun and easy working with the language lab. I love speaking English and LaboPractice helps me improve my accent and intonation. The exercises are more varied. And if I make a mistake or have a problem, I can call the teacher on the intercom."
Highschool student

"I can repeat phrases as many times as I want, at my own pace"

"I have a little trouble in Spanish. I find speaking in front of a whole class very difficult. Using this software gives me confidence and I can repeat phrases as many times as I want, working at my own pace."
Highschool student

"It's a huge timesaver"

"The LaboPractice language lab is really easy to use, both for teachers and for their students. It allows effective practice of oral language skills with exercises working on comprehensions and expression. Creating and correcting exercises is quick and easy, and it's a huge timesaver."
Maud M.
General and vocational English teacher (CNIGM)​

"LaboPractice breaks with the routine of classic lessons whilst adhering to the program"

"I have been teaching English since 1979. I have had experience working with language laboratories in the past. [...] LaboPractice is a very attractive digital teaching tool. The students find it more engaging! Their relationship with the teacher is more personalized and work sessions are more efficient. I have been using this suite with my students since the start of the 2012 school year. [...] I adapted to it very easily. Following initial training provided by Triotech, the school's four English and Spanish teachers have continued to optimize their skills through team training using the tutorials. [...] One of the big advantages of this digital laboratory is that we can use the CDs from school textbooks as a basis for the exercise sessions. [...] LaboPractice breaks with the routine of classic lessons whilst adhering to the program. "
Anny M.
English teacher

"LaboPractice adapts to our teaching tools"

"We have around 1,000 pupils, aged from preschool to 15. The teaching staff wanted to upgrade our old broken-down language laboratory and start using it again with our pupils. [...] A lot of software we looked at had a multitude of functions, but few were suited to our needs. Others were eliminated because of the complexity of installation or their high pricing. LaboPractice, however, offered the right compromise with adaptability to our teaching tools, rapid installation and reasonable pricing. In short, a high-performance affordable digital laboratory. TRIOTECH gave a lot of support to the language teachers, who were also involved from the start of the project, in getting started with the software suite. All classes from Year 7 to Year 11 have been using the language lab on a regular basis and Year 6 should follow soon. And, maybe later, the other years too!"
Philippe T.
Head of collège Sainte-Thérèse de Lunel primary and middle schools

"I work from excerpts from radio shows and create my own sound tracks"

"This year, I have integrated the LaboPractice language laboratory into my teaching schedule. In addition to the CDs provided along with the school books, I work from excerpts from radio shows and create my own sound tracks. The students like the concept and most participate with enthusiasm. At each session, they log in to their personal accounts, while I get my workstation set up. Then for an hour, they complete the exercises, record themselves and self-assess. I can switch to their channels at any time to correct their pronunciation, intonation and grammatical errors or just to congratulate them. The interactivity is interesting. Most importantly, for me, LaboPractice makes it easy to listen, as many times as necessary. And that is really an essential part of learning a language."
Christelle C.
Spanish teacher