From language lab to digital solution

For over 8 years, our team has been developing its solution to meet the needs of language teaching. We work in close collaboration with teachers and professors for a permanent evolution of the tools.

Our Goal

Your new asset for teaching languages

Today, language learning is the key to our understanding and openness to the world. 

With LaboPractrice, we wanted to create a language teaching solution accessible to allWhether you are a teacher, a student or a learner: teaching or learning must remain fun while being innovative.

By taking up these challenges, we are working to provide an appropriate response to the education of today and tomorrow.


Using technology to facilitate language teaching

Since its launch, the LaboPractice team has been grouped around the same objective: toput the advantages of new technologies at the service of education. In order to do this, the team has surrounded itself with the best teaching experts, i.e. the language teachers.

LaboPractice meets the needs of this field and contributes to the exercise of the teaching methods used. In learning a language, practice and oral comprehension are key factors. We will continue to improve the tools for teachers by making them accessible.

Our origins

From a need was born the idea which will become an asset

LaboPractice was born in 2011 at the request of a school principal. Having a computer room at his school, he started looking for a digital language laboratory. It is clear that the only existing solutions are expensive and very complex.

It was during a friendly exchange with H. Maurer (manager of Triotech – specialist in custom software development) that the idea took shape. 

The first version of this software will be installed in this pilot establishment in Herault (34). The tool will immediately be appreciated by language teachers and especially by students who love this new way of participating.

Our values

Let's share the same kindness that teachers have for their students

All LaboPractice and Triotech employees are sensitive to the following fundamental issues:

  • Respect for the environment,
  • Respect for human dignity,
  • Local development,
  • Working conditions,
  • Fair business practices.

LaboPractice also offers a partnership to any non-profit organization (except for local authorities). Contact our team for more information.