Work remotely and teach languages freely

With the Home license, digital education is within your reach. Easy to use, this software is adapted for all users, to teach languages at all levels and learn with ease.

How does it work?

language lab application

100% Hybrid

Educational continuity is ensured

The Home version of LaboPractice is useful for working remotely. Conduct your classroom sessions with Classroom and complete your corrections at home with Home. This module can also be used independently for 100% remote sessions with your students.

An Internet connection is all you need

Share remote exercise sessions with your students and retrieve your learners’ contributions.

Once the session is shared, the student can access it whenever he or she wants from any device with an Internet connection. They work at their own pace and submit their answers when they are finished.

distance learning delivery system
1 teacher station with Internet connection
unlimited student stations


hybrid learning software

Access features from wherever you are

Create your own exercises, sessions or correct your students’ answers in the classroom or at home. Everything is saved with one click using your user area. You have access to all the features of a language labpratory wherever you are!

Logiciel made in France

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