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Increase your students’ chances of success in languages

The web version of the Student Player has been awaited by the teaching community and is now online. Students can now participate in online educational sessions from any device connected to the Internet: personal computer, tablet or mobile, your students can participate orally and increase their chance of success.

LaboPractice available again!

After a few weeks of interruption due to the fire of our host, LaboPractice is back in force! Because we don’t like to stand still, we took the opportunity to make a complete overhaul of the site; new website, new features and especially the Web Player which allows your students to work in an Internet browser.

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Discover the 5 advantages of LaboPractice

Teaching languages is one of the best jobs in the world. Encouraging the oral participation of its students, helping them discover a country and a culture are all educational contributions in the life of a student, young or old. To make learning easier, we have designed a digital solution with, and for, language teachers. Let’s discover the five advantages of choosing LaboPractice.

How much does a digital solution for teaching languages cost?

Are you an IT manager in a school, an independent teacher, or an adult education organization? Your choice will not be the same depending on your needs and your budget. So how do you choose your digital language teaching solution and how much does it cost?

Access your educational content anywhere, anytime with LaboPractice

When you teach languages, whether in the classroom or at a distance, you want to focus on the interaction with your students. The advantage of LaboPractice is that you can create your own exercises, lead the session with your students and correct the entries. But can we do all this during school hours? Don’t worry, we’ve got it all worked out for you.

Combining LaboPractice Home and a videoconferencing tool for effective language teaching

How do I listen to my students during a pronunciation exercise session? How do I encourage them to participate orally? Many of you have used videoconferencing tools and told us about them. For effective language teaching, we suggest combining synchronous and asynchronous by adding LaboPractice Home.

How to practice hybrid language teaching?

At the beginning of this year, the organization of the courses has become more complex. Some institutions maintain hybrid teaching while others are completely face-to-face. In an uncertain context and an accelerated digitalization of pedagogy, what about hybrid language teaching?

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LaboPractice for an assured educational continuity

In order to respond to the upheavals faced by teachers and students, a new version of LaboPractice will soon be available for distance learning and educational continuity.