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LaboPractice supports all those who care about language teaching. Schools, colleges, high schools, universities, training centers for adults or employees in companies…, our solution is suitable for all levels and all structures.

A fun and easy-to-use solution for teaching languages

LaboPractice is a digital tool that easily facilitates educational activities with your students or learners. From a room equipped with computers or remotely from home, they learn languages at their own pace. In addition, participation is active and teaching becomes motivating. A real digital educational tool accessible to all.

educational tool for teachers

Teachers, professors, trainers

Whether you are a school, an adult education centre or an independent teacher, you are committed to teaching languages and improving the skills of your students!

We support you in setting up the solution, whether it is for face-to-face, distance or hybrid teaching. We adapt to your needs and your structure.

Pupils, students, learners

Your pupils, students or learners, whether young or old, we know that there is no age limit for learning a language. LaboPractice wants to be fun and innovative to capture the attention of all audiences! In the classroom or at home, language learning becomes more motivating.

student educational solution
professional language training

Companies, organisations, IT resellers

LaboPractice is also aimed at companies that wish to provide their employees with a simple and accessible educational tool.

If you are an IT professional and you are looking for a digital solution for your customers, we can also help with this!

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Currently, my classes are divided into several groups. The “Hybrid” formula allows me to work with all the students at the same time. Those who are in class and those who are at home.

Enseignante collège labo de langues

Recently, all my classes have to be done remotely. The Home solution completely meets my needs. I can provide my lessons remotely and I encourage my learners to speak

formateur langues

For 3 years now, our school has been equipped with this language laboratory. My students love to participate in the video exercises. They are captivated during the lessons and I have very good results.

professeur langues lycée
Logiciel made in France

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