Turn your classroom into a virtual language lab

Start and run language class sessions in your school with ease. With LaboPractice Classroom, you encourage your students’ oral participation during their learning.

How does it work?

language lab application

Benefits for the establishment

Take advantage of an unlimited number of student stations

Take advantage of the benefits of a networked computer room to conduct educational activities with your students. The Classroom license allows you to equip a main workstation for the teacher and as many student workstations as you wish on the same network.

Setting up the digital language laboratory

The installation of the software in your establishment is monitored by our technical team. On site or remotely, we provide you with support and test the compliance of the installation and the correct functioning of the software on all the computer stations.

Schéma fonctionnement LaboPractice Classroom
1 teacher station + unlimited student stations

Benefits for the teacher

software for language teachers

Prepare or mark the sessions at home

The Classroom language lab offers the possibility to save your exercises and sessions online. Log in to your teacher’s area to send your educational content from the classroom. With the LaboPractice Home extension, retrieve sessions on your home computer to work wherever you want. From now on, you will spend more time with your students.

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