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Digital simplicity for teaching languages

LaboPractice is a digital language teaching solution. A software that offers teachers new possibilities for digital teaching. Fun and interactive, this tool ensures educational continuity for students. Now make language learning easier at all levels.

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A digital language lab for teaching languages

LaboPractice is a digital tool that enables you to facilitate educational activities with students.

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The perfect solution for language teachers

LaboPractice has been specially designed by language teachers to encourage learners to speak. It is a fun and effective solution for teaching languages.

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Currently, my classes are divided into several groups. The “Hybrid” formula allows me to work with all the students at the same time. Those who are in class and those who are at home.

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Recently, all my classes have to be done remotely. The Home solution completely meets my needs. I can provide my lessons remotely and I encourage my learners to speak

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For 3 years now, our school has been equipped with this language laboratory. My students love to participate in the video exercises. They are captivated during the lessons and I have very good results.

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The web version of the Student Player has been awaited by the teacher community and is now online!