Increase your students’ chances of success in languages

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Increase your students' chances of success in languages

The web version of the Student Player has been awaited by the teacher community and is now online!

When you teach at a distance, it is complicated for some students to have access to a computer at home. Unfortunately, not all households have one, or it may be used by another family member.

LaboPractice wanted to make it easier to teach languages at home.
From now on, students can take part in online teaching sessions from any device connected to the internet: personal computer, tablet or mobile phone. They can participate orally and increase their chance of success.

Connect your students to your session in one click!

distance learning delivery system

Teaching languages at a distance is a real challenge. LaboPractice Home has been designed to meet these needs.

The teacher has his own software on his personal computer to develop his exercises, his pedagogical sessions and to follow the evolution of his students by correcting their answers in this same tool.

Indeed, he sends an invitation to his students in which is indicated the link of the Player and the session code to connect to it.

The student clicks on the link and enters the code sent by the teacher. With one click, he can participate in the educational session.

Participation of your students... even from a distance

Firstly, by having them participate in distance learning sessions, you increase the practice of the language in writing and/or in speaking.

Moreover, thanks to the variety of media offered by LaboPractice (video, audio, text or image), you keep their motivation and capture their attention. In fact, you encourage them to work on their comprehension and pronunciation while having fun.

Finally, they have the opportunity to listen to themselves again, self-evaluate and repeat until they are satisfied. This is a real plus that allows the learner to pay attention.

A follow-up and a pedagogical continuity ensured

By retrieving written and oral responses in LaboPractice Home, you can evaluate:

  • understanding of the instruction or the video or audio clip
  • pronunciation (intonation and accentuation)
  • the vocabulary used
  • the structure of the sentence
  • spelling (for written answers)

After correcting their answers, you have the opportunity to give accurate feedback on the session and to give advice adapted to each of your learners.

As a reminder, thanks to your teacher area you can save the answers and your corrections on the cloud to benefit from them at home (LaboPractice Home) or in the classroom (LaboPractice Classroom).

By extending the language laboratory outside the classroom, LaboPractice allows you to maintain individualized follow-up of your students and thus ensure pedagogical continuity.