Helpful digital resources for teaching English in the classroom or at home

Helpful digital resources for teaching English in the classroom or at home

List digital ressources teach english

Online resources that teachers use to teach students with language barriers have become a vital part of the educational process. Websites and videos are a great way for teachers to make content accessible for educators and students with language barriers.
We’ve compiled a list of helpful online resources for English teachers.
Whether your students are in class or online, online learning is an essential tool for teachers to support English language learners. Interactive visual aids and access to lessons at their own pace are powerful tools that enhance learning outcomes.
There are lots of free or inexpensive digital resources for teachers to create online lessons. These tools give teachers the ability to record the lesson in real-time and allow students to review it at any time. Teachers can also incorporate audio, images, or videos into their lessons. These resources can help teachers with fun, engaging tools and content for their students.

Esl Lounge

With Esl Lounge as a guide, your students be immersed in a fun and fast-paced reading program. This program includes high-quality reading comprehension exercises for each of the first six grades. There are also a selection of fun games, which will help your students improve reading comprehension skills and become better at decoding words. A significant help for your students, which will have a positive impact on their level of studies.

Hemingway app

Do you need help to teach writing in English? If so, Hemingway app is a great place for your students to learn.
The Heminway app helps your students identify grammar mistakes, passive sentences, and hard-to-read sentences.
It offers various writing prompts at different levels, and it provides immediate feedback on your work. Even though it’s not perfect, it can improve your student writing skills and give them some useful tips.


Abcya is a website dedicated to children, but adults can certainly use it too. The site contains interactive games that reinforce learning and include many different types of games. English students can play games to sharpen their spelling skills, practice their alphabet, and even learn about common adverbs and synonyms and antonyms, having fun!

British Council

British Council is a place with amazing educational content, including many video and audio resources for learners of all ages. There are great resources for English students such as games. They will acquire English skills through football, mini soap dramas, podcasts and articles to help them improve their learning English skills, find friends to practice with, and ask questions, and you will be able to use most of these resources during your English lessons.

Easy World of English

An interactive, bilingual website for students of English as a Second Language, including information on grammar, pronunciation, pronunciation and reading practice and an interactive picture dictionary. A great resource for all English professors.


The BBC offers a variety of free resources for ESL learners. These include video courses and live radio with native speakers. The site also has interactive features such as quizzes and games that aid in learning new words, phrases, grammar and pronunciation.

Lyric trainings

Students will sing along with this fun web game. It’s important to practice both listening and pronunciation in order to fully grasp a new language. They can try this fun web site to test their English skills, at home or during the classroom.


Do you need a good source of content for your English lessons ? TED is a collection of short talks that have been translated into English and subtitled in full. On any of these lectures, you can find great pieces of information, inspiration, and entertainment. Not only does this website provide valuable information in a variety of languages, but it is also an excellent source for learning English. The site offers subtitles for every talk, which means non-native speakers can easily follow along.


Podcast is a medium that has been slow to catch on, but has been growing in popularity since the Covid crisis. Listening to podcasts episodes, or extracts, during lessons, can stimulate students’ interest. Like a Netflix series, they will want to know more about, listening to the next episode. Fluentu offer also podcasts.

Teaching online is like running a marathon. It’s not easy but you can make it happen. Online teaching is about getting students engaged and motivated by providing an engaging environment to learn in, which means using the right tools and techniques. But you too can teach your own online classes online — and they can be fun for both your students, with the type of ressources we have been introducing in this article.

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