LaboPractice for an assured educational continuity

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LaboPractice Home, for an assured educational continuity

In response to the changes facing teachers and students, a new version will soon be available for distance learning.  LaboPractice Home will ensure educational continuity.

With the closure of schools, distance learning and the almost exclusive use of digital equipment, educational continuity is an important concern. 
Indeed, there are many upheavals that teachers have to face in order to ensure pedagogical continuity in all serenity.

For weeks now, several teachers have been contacting us to ask if we could adapt LaboPractice to these new needs in today’s educational world.

Our team is currently working on a remote digital solution to meet this need.

We also plan to launch a 30-day free trial for the license LaboPractice Home in the coming weeks.

This will be in addition to the existing license, renamed Classroom for your school’s computer room. 

What will the new Home license bring you?

The licence Home will allow the teacher to create and launch remote language training sessions. He will invite students to join the session by email or via their digital work environment.

Everyone will then be able to access LaboPractice from their personal computer.

A online space will also be created for the teacher. He will deposit his educational content there. They will also find tutorial videos and personalized online assistance.

The new LaboPractice offer

And our offer will include two types of licenses:

  • License Classroom : to transform your school’s computer room into a digital language laboratory
  • License Home(coming soon) : to offer remote educational activities to your students

We will give you more details about our offer very soon.

If you are interested in our new Home license, or if you have any other questions, please contact us via our website or at: [email protected].