LaboPractice available again!

LaboPractice is available again!

After a few weeks of interruption due to the fire of our host, LaboPractice is back in force!

Because we don’t like to stand still, we took the opportunity to make a complete overhaul of our website, new features and especially the Web Player which allows your students to work in an Internet browser.

LaboPractice is finally on the web for your students

With LaboPractice Home you can teach languages remotely and freely.

Now, students use their browser (PC, MAC, tablet, smartphone) to do their exercises from :

How does it work?  

  • Step 1: the teacher creates an exercise session on LaboPractice Home. He transmits the invitation generated by the software to send it to his students.
  • Step 2: The student joins the session on LaboPractice Player by entering the session code of the invitation. He answers the exercises and in one click, he sends his answers to his teacher.
  • Step 3: The teacher is notified in LaboPractice that new student answers have arrived.  He can make his corrections as he goes along or when he wants to.

From LaboPractice Classroom the teacher can also connect to its online account to import the sessions done (and corrected) at home. Note that in the other direction, the teacher can correct his Classroom sessions at home. (Read also : Access my educational content anywhere and anytime)

Now with its web version, LaboPractice Player avoids all the constraints of installing a software on a computer. It allows your students to access educational content with greater mobility and flexibility.

Does that sound too good? Test it now for 30 days for free! 

Get 30 days free when you register on our site

From now on, each new registrant will receive a free 30-day trial account

He can use LaboPractice Hometo launch real sessions with his students in an unlimited way.

Easy to create, your personal space allows you to store your exercises and sessions online.
Thanks to its new format, you can personalize it by adding your photo and/or that of your school.
You will find video tutorials and online assistance.

To have your sessions take place in your school, university or training centre, the procedure is extremely simple .

On the software side: a version enriched with new features

After creating your space, download LaboPractice Home and enjoy the software instantly.
An internet connection is required to log in, download your exercises, your sessions and your students’ work.
For the rest (creation of exercises, corrections, pedagogical follow-up, …), you will be able to work in complete freedom at any place even without connection.

But LaboPractice Home it’s also a great tool to simulate a classroom language lab from home.

Other features are to be discovered. Download the free version to try them in one click!

Ready to discover our new products?

Let’s start by creating your new profile. You will then have access to the 30-day free trial and you can request your demo!