How much does a digital solution for teaching languages cost?

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How much does a digital solution for teaching languages cost?

Are you an IT manager in a school, an independent teacher, or an adult education organization? Do you teach language courses at a distance or in a classroom or hybrid environment? Your choice will not be the same depending on your needs and your budget. So how do you choose your digital language teaching solution and how much does it cost?

At LaboPractice, we have developed offers that take into account your structure (teacher in a school or independent), your teaching context (face-to-face, distance and hybrid) and your hardware configuration. Let’s take a look at the pricing advantages of our digital language teaching solution.

For all our LaboPractice licenses, the number of student stations is unlimited

Whether in the classroom or remotely, the price of our solution is immutable.

In the classroom, LaboPractice Classroomis installed on the teacher’s workstation linked to several student workstations. Indeed, the license is activated specifically on this station. You can add as many student stations in the room without affecting your price.
The price of a language lab for a room is 990 euros per year or 3,490 euros in the final version, regardless of the number of student stations in the class.

As far as distance learning is concerned, whether you are a teacher in a school or an independent, with LaboPractice Homeyou can communicate your teaching sessions to several students or learners without any impact on your invoice.
At990 euros per year, the Home license gives you the right to a maximum of 10 teacher accesses on it and an unlimited number of student stations .

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The Classroom license also allows you to work at home thanks to its free extension

Did you know that? You can use a traditional language lab in a computer room and continue to work from home.
Indeed, the Classroom license includes a free extension that allows you to create your exercises and correct your papers from your personal computer.

Also, we wanted to keep the Classroom free for our users to facilitate the preparation of their courses. In addition, the correction time does not interfere with their sharing time with their students in class. You can read more in our article: Discover the 5 advantages of choosing LaboPractice.

For 100 percent distance learning of languages: choose the LaboPractice Home license

This licence is particularly aimed at adult language trainers and independent teachers giving online courses.
It has also helped some schools to ensure the pedagogical continuityduring the switch to 100% distance learning in 2020.

In this way, the pedagogical activities given to students in class no longer need to be carried out in the language laboratory. This way, you can launch them from your home and the students can answer them from their home.

The licence is 990 euros per year and (again) the price does not increase with the number of students. It includes a maximum of 10 teacher accesses. 

A new formula for teaching in the classroom and at home: in "hybrid" mode

At the beginning of this year, we launched a new formula to respond tothe issue of hybrid teaching.

This 1 490 euros license combines the advantage of the LaboPractice Classroom license and the Home license to launch remote sessions.

It also responds to teachers’ requests to give homework to their students. Teachers can correct and monitor their students in the same tool!
The hybrid formula is a good compromise when you are a school or an adult training organization. By using its “cloud” spacethe teacher can access this educational content from home or in class.
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LThe aim of this offer is to enable as many people as possible to switch from a conventional mode to a hybrid mode without the price difference being a barrier.

Have you made your choice?

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