Discover the 5 advantages of LaboPractice

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The benefits of teaching languages with LaboPractice

Teaching languages is one of the best jobs in the world. Encouraging oral participation of  students, helping them discover a country and a culture, provide an educational asset in the life of a student, large or small. To make learning easier, we have designed a digital solution with, and for, language teachers. Let’s discover the five advantages of choosing LaboPractice.

1. LaboPractice: a fun and motivating multimedia tool

LaboPractice allows you to create exercises on all types of media :

  • text: the most conventional support but still very effective! Whether it’s a cloze exercise, or a text to be analysed, it is still appreciated by teachers. Text exercices do help students to improve vocabulary.
  • image: fixed or animated (gif),  images have a key role today. Illustrating a theme or concept with an image effectively captures the student’s attention and encourages participation.
  • audio: it is possible to create two types of exercises (audio repetition and oral question-answer). In both cases, audio allows students to work not only on their listening comprehension but also on their pronunciation. Indeed, a student can listen to himself and correct himself as many times as he wishes.
  • video: whether it’s an excerpt from a documentary or a film, video has a strong impact on any audience. The student is immersed in a story and focuses his attention on both what he sees and what he hears.

This is a world away from the list of irregular verbs to be learnt by heart in a notebook. The diversity of all these supports makes the session of exercises more pleasant: it makes it possible to learn while having fun!

What could be more motivating for the students than to go through exercises in different forms… where they can correct themselves if necessary. Thus, students remain focused during the entire learning experience while participating in the learning process.

2. A greater involvment of your students

He feels more committed throughout the exercise session.

In this way, students involvement in learning a language is total. Their participation is therefore a long-term process and reflects their actual progress.

The teacher can thus evaluate the student’s skills more easily and set up an individual follow-up.

Immersion is also facilitated by the diversity of exercises described above. They help to capture the student’s attention and keep him/her motivated until the end of the session.

3. Paperless educational activities for more flexibility

LaboPractice can be used both in the classroom with LaboPractice Classroom and also from home thanks to LaboPractice Home.

It meets the needs of all types of distance, face-to-face and hybrid education. LaboPractice therefore allows for more flexibility but also more mobility.

Over the years, LaboPractice has evolved in line with new teaching requirements. After the lesson, collect and correct your papers from wherever you like.

Our solution also addresses the issue of educational continuity. Pedagogical activities for students in class no longer need to be carried out in the language lab. Instead, sessions can be launched remotely. You can set them up from home and the students can answer them from home as well.

4. create your own content for more freedom

LaboPractice works with a variety of schools: colleges, high schools and universities.

Teaching needs are different for obvious reasons, depending on the type of school. Assignments cannot be the same for high school students as they are for university students taking French as a speciality. Therefore, freedom in the creation of pedagogical content is more than necessary.
But sometimes, the levels are different between two classes of 9th grade within the same school. Teachers enjoy being able to create their own teaching content.
In so doing, they can adapt their teaching materials to the level of their students, keeping students engaged in the learning process.

LaboPractice is also used iwith adult vocational training.
Educational content often needs to be tailored to a particular professional environment.
We have learnt this by working for the Mairie de Paris and the Gendarmerie Maritime in France.
When you are a language teacher, it is not easy to find teaching content suited to your audience.
The use of jargon specific to the profession or technical terms requires a readaptation of the educational content.

With LaboPractice, the teacher can challenge them by creating exercises that will reflect their business activity.

Moreover, LaboPractice is also perfectly suited for independent teachers. Indeed, it is possible to design any content you want for your students with different needs and levels.

LaboPractice can therefore be used in schools, in companies, or from home if you work as a freelancer, offering great flexibility in the creation of your own educational content.

5. A digital solution suitable for everyone's needs!

LaboPractice was born because teachers were looking for a language laboratory, simple to use and affordable. This was our first winning bet.
Since then, our solution is used in 14 countries, by 400 teachers and more than 1,000 students.
We provide teachers with a solution:

  • easy to be installed and used (both teacher and student side)
  • evolving with the new needs in language teaching
  • at an attractive price since it is the best value for money on the market for features and price.

We wanted to preserve this simplicity in our offers. It is also for this reason that we have chosen not to increase the price according to the number of students. The number of student workstations for each licence purchased is indeed unlimited!

In order to remain user-friendly, we work with teachers on a daily basis to develop features that they need and that will be useful to others.

LaboPractice retains this simplicity in human, technical and financial aspects, to support the language education of today and tomorrow.

After reviewing the five LaboPractice benefits, you can see that this is not an exhaustive list. However, this article gives you a better understanding of our solution for language training and the reasons for using it.

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