Combining LaboPractice Home and a videoconferencing tool for effective language teaching

Enseignement langues efficace LaboPractice et outil visioconférence

Combining LaboPractice Home and a videoconferencing tool for effective language teaching

Today, distance or hybrid education is leading teachers to rethink their courses, especially language courses. How do I listen to my students during a pronunciation exercise session? How do I encourage them to participate orally? Many of you have used videoconferencing tools and told us about them. For effective language teaching, we suggest combining synchronous and asynchronous by adding LaboPractice Home.

Video conferencing: a limited synchronous solution for distance learning

Zoom, Google Meet, Teams, Discord are all video conferencing tools you use today. They partly answered the question of distancing from teaching. However, they have shown their limitations. The transmission of the exercises, their corrections and the pedagogical follow-up of the students are not part of their functionalities. If you added a distance language laboratory, you would get more effective teaching.
To remedy this, we will explain how to use LaboPractice Home and a videoconferencing tool.

LaboPractice Home : teach languages from the comfort of your own home

LaboPractice Home is a distance language learning solution. It offers teachers and students the means to share a quality course while staying at home.
The solution is then used in asynchronous mode. Once students log in to their session, they are independent in front of their screen and move at their own pace exercise after exercise.

Teachers can:

  • Create their own exercises and share them with their students.
  • Receive the answers and correct them from wherever they wish
  • Teach all languages, all levels and all types of media

Students can: 

  • Join an exercise session
  • Synchronise answers
  • Work at their own pace as long as the session is open

How do you keep in touch with your students from a distance?

How do you share your screen during the session or communicate with them in real time?
Using a video conferencing tool and LaboPractice Home simultaneously you can interact with them. We have tested it for you! The LaboPractice and Zoom screens can be open next to each other.

A little tip: when you create a “New session” you will need to uncheck the “Full screen student session” box for Zoom to be displayed.

Combine the two tools for effective distance learning

Thanks to LaboPractice Home you prepare your exercises beforehand: You choose the media, the appropriate content, the questions to ask and you share them with your students thanks to a dedicated session code.
From now on, you can meet them simultaneously in the videoconference tool of your choice to be in contact with them throughout the session.
Thus, you can devote yourself fully to each of your students by encouraging their participation in real time.

Do you want to know more?

Do not hesitate to contact our team for a presentation of our offer by video or by telephone. You can now download the free version and test it yourself.